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Meet Rick and Kerri Warner

We met in 1999 and married in 2004. Reptile fever hit in 2000 when we bought our first snake, a california king. As any herper knows, the effects of the fever are devestating at first, resulting in lack of sleep caused by voluntary hours upon hours of compulsive reptile care. Increasingly the fever victims find their minds occupied with ideas for better housing and handling techniques. Soon they find that they are required to purchase freezers dedicated to keeping frozen rodents to avoid almost daily trips to the pet store. They find themselves compelled to drive for hours, seeking out their own kind at reptile shows. At these shows the symptoms intensify causing the victims to giddily purchase new species and plan housing and other projects years in advance. Eventually they find that they have difficulty confining their hobby to one room and start planning vast reptile empires. Sadly, or perhaps not so sadly there is presently no known cure for the fever. The only known treatment is to let it run its course. At this time there have been no reports of the effects wearing off. Happily most herpers seem to be able to carry on normal lives outside their homes despite contamination. BE WARNED: Reptile fever can and has been transmitted through education and handling of reptiles.

The Reptile Room started in 2000 with one pet California King Snake named Cleo. Today we house over fifty snakes, many for sale. See where the motto "one more can't hurt" will get you?

Our main focus the past two seasons has been Corns. We produced gorgeous amels and snows in 2005; more followed in 2006 along with some fantastic butters and butter snows. Lady Luck smiled on us in 2007 with an unpresidented amount of butter motleys and even a butter snow motley. It was a great surprise since there were 13 eggs laid and only a 1 in 16 chance of a butter snow motley. We were also lucky enough to get Brazilian Rainbow Boa babies, despite the fact that we lost our BRB Male to old age very early in the 2007 breeding season. 2008 will bring Gray Bands (Blair's phase), and possibly Crested Geckos. Other possible projects include Bearded Dragons, Mandarin Rats, Ultramels, Ghost Honduran Milks, Spiny Tailed Monitors (yellow/red ackies), and who knows what else!

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