Image of Eden in Tree

With shows ranging from 45 mins (outdoors) to 2 hours (indoors) we have something for everyone. Get up close and personal with many of our tame animals and learn general reptile facts. Are snakes slimy? Do they blink or hear? Why do they shed their skin and flick their tonuges? What about geckos? How do they climb walls and what happens to them if they get frightened? Learn the answer to all these questions and many more while getting hands on with our scaley friends. Ask us anything!

Our shows focus not only on our personal animals but also on local reptiles and amphibians. We teach everyone what kinds of reptiles can be found in the area, what they look like, and where to find them. Learn to identify the two local venomous species and the local threatened and endangered species and what to do if you encounter any of them in the wild. Many local species are threatened or endangered and need our protection. Learn how to help!

Letter from kids

Please contact us for information on our presentations, we can tailor to specific interests.