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The Reptile Room is FedEx certified to ship reptiles. As both FedEx and UPS typically forbid shipments of snakes, and the USPS has a strict policy against it, the only truly legitimate shipping method short of using Delta Dash (airport to airport only) is through FedEx as a certified shipper. Always make sure you purchase from an approved shipper; otherwise, you risk confiscation of your animal in transit.

All reptile purchases will be shipped overnight in appropriate insulated packaging. Regular shipments will be sent Monday through Wednesday. Shipping on Thursday is an option, but can sometimes be problematic delivering to rural areas since in those locales, an overnight delivery sent on Thursday may not be received until Monday. For more populated regions, shipping on Thursday is not a problem. Saturday delivery is an option as well, however, it will incur a higher cost.

There is a flat fee of $45 per box. We will ship as many animals (in individually marked containers) as possible in one box, typically in the range of 5-10 hatchlings or several adults. Additional boxes will be charged at $45 each.